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Reach new peaks of organic traffic growth and user engagement with the help of AI-powered video generation.

Our end-to-end content automation solution is tested and benchmarked by some of the leading and most influential media platforms.

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Video, the King of Content

Today, it’s the visual content that gets people to engage with brands online. And, while creating images has always been fairly easy, publishing highly engaging and data-rich videos required a lot of strategy, skills, and resources. Until now.

Now, you can do it effortlessly AND cost-effectively! 

DEEP reduces your per-video production costs to all-time lows, enabling you to maximize your marketing efforts and outperform your competitors.

Monetize Better

The limitless capacity of AI-driven content automation enables you to supercharge your content game - making you remarkably more attractive to the financial and investment advertisers. 

Welcome More Visitors

By publishing the most data-relevant, captivating, and educational content they're searching for - as they're searching for it! Bring out more videos to interact with more target audience members than you thought existed, enhancing your SEO efforts in the process. 

Make People Stick Around

With the help of hundreds of data-relevant videos that you can add to your articles or post separately on your site and social media channels. Help your visitors make better trading and investment decisions - and they’ll spend much more time interacting with your brand online. 

Set Your Talent Free

We save your in-house marketers from having to spend countless hours digging up, analyzing, and producing video content. Instead, focus their talent and expertise where it’s needed most. 

A Content-Automation Game Changer

Use relevant and data-rich videos to connect an endless stream of quality visitors to the companies advertising on your website or social media channels. 

Four Categories of Content

Publish the content that reflects the latest market trends and updates on stock market indices, commodities, publicly traded stocks, or crypto. You choose which categories you want to access.

Daily Updates

Once a day, we auto-produce hundreds of freshly updated videos and make them available for you to use. All data is pulled from the most trusted industry sources.

Effortless Integration

Getting started is simple and straightforward, regardless of whether you’re already using video content with ads or not.

Instant Publishing

By the time you've finished reading this sentence - you could've already published multiple videos to your website and socials, enabling people to engage with your brand!

DEEP Helps Everybody Win 

The publishers gain more quality organic traffic and increase loyalty of existing visitors. 

The visitors gain the knowledge they need to make better investment decisions.

The advertisers gain more qualified potential users of their services.  

Tailored to Your Needs

Starter Plan

100 most sought-after publicly traded stocks worldwide

100 new videos uploaded daily

1 non-branded design template

Videos in English

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Advanced Plan

200 most sought-after publicly traded stocks worldwide

14 most sought-after commodities worldwide

13 most sought-after cryptocurrencies worldwide

28 most sought-after stock market indices worldwide

255 new videos uploaded daily

1 non-branded design template

Videos in English

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Additional Customization

Want to engage with the visitors in different languages or want to apply your custom branding on the auto-generated videos? Let’s make it happen! 

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Finally, a platform that enabled me to easily create data-driven videos in real-time. DEEP platform is a tailor-made solution for my social team, perfect for the fast-paced ever changing Fintech sector.

Sharon, Social Media Team Lead at eToro

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